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Relax! Take the Work out of your web site! Let BigLeegs.com do it!

Get Your Just Deserts! Earn FREE space for your web site!

99.9% Up time. Should a server ever go down, there is another one to take its place!

Give BigLeegs the opportunity to host your site on servers that never sleep. We're here to serve YOU - our Client!

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BigLeegs.com also offers professional web design for our clients.

Your web presence is your best, first impression. Click on the Web Design link at the top of the page.


Stop worrying about your web site!
Ask us about our maintenance program.

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If you are looking for professional web presence and 99.9% up-time with our servers, BigLeegs.com is the place to host your web site. Your web presence reflects who you are.

When internet users visit your web site you want to make a good, first impression. Your web presence is your best, first impression. Let BigLeegs.com offer you quality service at an extremely affordable cost.

  • Quality

  • Curteous

  • Affordable

  • 24/7 Support

  • 99.9% up time

  • No Pop-up Ads

  • Web Design & Graphics

With BigLeegs.com, there are no forced pop-up ads on your web site. Most of us know that if we have a domain there will be no ads. For those who do not have a domain and need to be on the net, you might be interested in knowing we have no forced ads on non-domain sites. (You do NOT need a domain name to have your site hosted with Bigleegs.Com.) Pop-up ads can be most annoying. We want your web experience with BigLeegs.com and the internet to be a good one.

BigLeegs.com also offers professional web design to round out the total package. Visitors to your hobby site, personal home page, informational or business site all deserve the same consideration -- to feel appreciated and welcome. Whether you are selling a product or showing off your antiques, your site should have ease of navigation, be pleasing to the eye, and present a clean, uncluttered appearance. Let our professional design team help you develop your web presence.

Access to the internet has made the shopping public more aware of what is available to them by having the ability to price shop and compare from the comfort of their home or office. This holds true whether there is a product, service or just a fun site. There is no better format than the internet for cost versus visibility.

In both web hosting and web design, we have the answers to your web presence questions.

Whatever your Web needs - we will provide you with fast, affordable solutions. Affordable but HIGH quality with attention to detail.  Let us help you minimize cost while still maintaining integrity and eye appeal.  Need bells and whistles?  No problem, we have those too! Questions? Check out our FAQ.

Let BigLeegs.com give you the edge in reliability and confidence. Come join the BigLeegs.com family where your web presence is our priority - where YOU are the most important part of our relationship.

We can accommodate any size web site -- from large businesses to smaller, more personal sites.  You don't  want delays once your choice has been made, so the package you choose will be accessible within a few hours of signing up. The only exception to this will be a new domain name, that can take from 2 to 4 days to complete the registration and transfer process. Transfers of domains will not cause delays or down-time for your web presence. We'll show you how to make the transfer easily so there will be no lapse - your visitors will never know there was a transition taking place.

BigLeegs.com will transfer your account for you at no charge. We get the information from you and that's all there is to it, we do the hard stuff.

We offer site and domain space for everyone interested in fast, courteous service, a 24/7 support team to help you through the rough spots and a package to fit your web presence needs. If you don't see what you're looking for, ask us. We love a challenge!

Step up to the service you expect and deserve.

With BigLeegs.com you don't  **need your own domain - but it's sometimes appropriate to have one. Even if the name you choose isn't available you will be given alternative suggestions.  Just keep trying. The hunt is often the most fun....  For domain names at a reasonable price, go HERE. New domains or transfers are only $13.95. Check it out.

** To have a web site without a specified domain, contact us for further information.


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