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Q. How do I sign up for space on your BigLeegs server?
A. Please go to the Order page and fill out the information. Tell us what
you think you'll need and we will go from there.
Q. What, exactly, is a Domain Name?
A. A Domain Name is your web identity.  Your own spot in the scheme of things. Just as your given name is yours, your Domain Name will be yours until you stop registering it. Your web site is like having a written pamphlet that anyone can pick up and read.
Q. Why do I need a Domain Name?
A. If you use BigLeegs, you don't - because your site will be part of our Domain with your own distinctive site name included.
Q. If I decide I want a Domain Name, how do I get one?
A. Click here and it will take you to the main page where you find information on how to acquire your own domain name. You can find out if the name you like is already in use or not. Cost for domain names $13.95 per year for new domain or transfer of existing domain.
Q. Once I decide on a Domain Name, how long will it take to set it up on BigLeegs?
A. After applying for your Domain name it will be processed and you will be notified. To place your New Domain with us, if you give us the information, we will transfer the domain to our server at no charge. Time involved can be from 2 to 4 days.
Q. What's so good about your BigLeegs service?
A. We offer quality service at an affordable cost. Our support team is available to you 24/7 to help with any questions you may have and to guide you through the process of becoming a member of our BigLeegs.com.
Q.How do I make my payments to BigLeegs?
A. By credit or debit cards or by check or money order.  Contact us for individual payment instructions
Q: I am told you have special rates for special groups?  Is this true?
A.  We most certainly do.  We offer reduced rates to Charities, Not for Profit Orgs., Senior & Child Welfare Associations and Animal Rescue Groups.  If you know of a group that doesn't fall in these categories but you think needs a little 'break' please let them know about us and we will review each one on a case by case basis. Contact us.
Q: How much are the start up and monthly/yearly running costs to be a BigLeeger ?
A. Please click here for all that information.
Q. Are there any restrictions in becoming a BigLeeger?
A. A few. We do not allow pornographic or hate materials on our server, or anything that would be harmful, suggest harm, or blatant disregard for other's feelings. You also may not use this server to redirect traffic to another location owned or operated by you beyond having links to sites on your web site.
More Questions?? Contact us and we'll answer them for you.

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Front Page extensions
This is a text/html editor used for designing web pages that eliminates the need for you to understand how to actually do the html coding that gives your web page the look it has. We do not supply the program, we supply the extensions on the server that allows you to build your site with Front Page and then publish the finished pages to your site.
This is File Transfer Protocol - in other words, it's a method by which you can transfer all of your finished files to the web site. FTP has several different styles of their program with which to accomplish this.
POP3 Mail
It's Post Office Protocol, or how you receive mail from others. Most email accounts are POP3 accounts.
Email Aliases
An email alias is a name other than your own that would designate mail for a particular part of your site, business, etc. If you have a business, you would possibly have customer service, sales and ordering. To utilize the aliases you would have a sales@yourname.com or custservice@yourname.com . It will allow you the visual concept of knowing what the email is about before even opening it.
This is Common Gateway Interface, and is necessary to make forms work and your counters count. Some CGI scripts are supplied by BigLeegs.com for your convenience.
A language you are writing in when using CGI script.
A form designed for input with the ability to be sent through email accounts allowing the person sending to give all their information to the person receiving it, thus eliminating sending postal mail.
Auto Responder
An email that is programmed to be sent when certain email is received. For instance, you place an online order for a product - you then receive an email telling you what you purchased, the item #, the cost, shipping instructions - all because the "auto responder" was sitting there waiting for an email to respond to.

If the explanation of a term is not above, you can check out What Is?

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